Venice BEACH MUSIC House

Venice, California

This adaptive reuse project converted two brick structures built in the 20’s, that before housed a sushi restaurant, into a residence for a couple. The project’s spatial goal and intent was to create a small compound that maximizes both indoor and outdoor living spaces in and around the existing structures. Utilizing roof top terraces for outdoor living, and a site enclosed by a brick gabion wall to create an outdoor garden/farm and pool area, the interior and exterior together provides maximum use of space in this small urban lot. The two buildings are connected by a new stair atrium providing access from the ground floor to the second floor master suite, and climbs further up to provide access to the roof terrace garden. The structure of the atrium stitches together, and cuts into, the existing buildings as the only architectural element added to the project. It is designed as a folding plane, constructed of an all steel and glass inner layer, with an outer layer of folded steel mesh to provide sun shading.

The program for the project related closely to the changing lifestyle of the owner couple. Living in New York in a loft in Chelsea in their late twenties and thirties, the husband and wife couple was both successful professional musicians that switched careers to both become physicians in their early forties. Now with two grown children recently out of there suburban home in Los Angeles, their desire was to convert the two brick buildings, into their home and music oriented urban oasis. Pockets of interior and exterior space are designed for intimate gatherings, or they can be opened up for larger fund raising music events. The living room becomes the stage to accommodate musical performances with the incorporation of a state of the art sound system and lighting.

Executed by Yo-ichiro Hakomori as Architect and Partner at wHY Architecture