L&M Arts

Venice, California

660 Venice Gallery turned an existing 1920's brick power building into a contemporary art gallery, on an unusual triangular lot. With inspiration from the original building, a new brick structure has been built on the site, as a new gallery. On either side of a garden plaza, the two buildings are able to politely "speak" to each other, while also expressing themselves as distinct.

Appearing as objects in a garden, the gallery complex is richly landscaped, and bordered along the street by low-lying succulent plantings. With an outdoor sculpture court in a field of green, the site design encourages activity across the small campus—as well as engaging passerby to linger and enjoy the free exhibitions. A "green roof" visually links the two gallery buildings, allowing for the administrative and office spaces to also contribute to the garden.

Executed by Yo-ichiro Hakomori as Architect and Partner at wHY Architecture