Grand Rapids Art Museum

Grand Rapids, Michigan

As a civic landmark, The Grand Rapids Art Museum has been designed to inspire and revitalize its local neighborhood, and to create an important public place as a gathering center for the City. The Museum opens itself to the neighborhood with fingerlike spaces extending into the adjacent park—establishing a strong visual, programmatic, and spatial connection between the City and the Museum. A public dining court and terrace, with a small pocket park, are gracious extensions of the Museum. As an embracing gesture, a large cantilevered entry canopy reaches toward the park, becoming a grand sheltering, and welcoming, cover for the neighborhood.

With the design of the Grand Rapids Art Museum, as well as all firm projects, sensitivity toward sustainable design is implicit. This LEED Gold certified museum was the first to earn this classification in the United States. The term “invisible green” represents a strong philosophical conviction to the idea that the sustainable features of any project should be inherent to the overall design, and never something simply ‘applied’ to a building.

Executed by Yo-ichiro Hakomori as Architect and Partner at wHY Architecture