Art Bridge

North Hollywood, California

Also titled the Great Wall of Los Angeles; Interpretive Green Bridge, the Art Bridge is both a product, and a reflection of the Los Angeles River. Designed in collaboration with Judith Baca of SPARC, the Bridge structure will be built substantially from refuse salvaged from the river itself—with concrete walls cast with bottle glass, cans, styrofoam, dirt and debris; floor and pavement made from recycled tires, tennis balls and scrap metal; bridge guardrails made from recycled parts of shopping carts found scattered in the riverbed.

Spanning across the LA River, the Art Bridge not only serves as a pedestrian bridge for the local college and school in the community, but also as an interpretive station for viewing and understanding the significance of the Great Wall of Los Angeles Mural. Symbolizing a void in history, a slot in the bridge floor reveals the River beneath. Walking across the Bridge, visitors experience “Time-Markers” that describe the history of the city, as told by the River and by the Great Wall Mural. The Bridge also incorporates a photovoltaic roof to light the bridge at night.

This project is funded by the California Cultural and Historic Endowment, the Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy, and the Los Angeles City Council.

Project in progress

Executed by Yo-ichiro Hakomori as Architect and Partner at wHY Architecture