About StudioHAU

StudioHAU team

Yo-ichiro Hakomori recently founded StudioHAU in 2016. Prior to the formation of StudioHAU, Hakomori was founding partner at wHY Architecture in Los Angeles. Hakomori has extensive experience in work for the arts and single-family residences. With strong emphases on urbanism, composite use of space, people, and relationship to nature, StudioHAU believes all buildings are an integral part of public life. While the form, presence, and functionality of a building are highly important, the spaces within that create opportunities for both social interaction and personal reflection are equally essential. In our architectural projects, we strive to create spaces that uplift the human spirit and, at the same time, function well and efficiently. StudioHAU understands the underlying synergy created by these types of goals and believes these are exactly what define the unique vitality of each project.

StudioHAU is also committed to design that enhances the public realm and is appropriate for its context. We define our architectural projects by their ability to enhance relationships between people and their community and also in its ability to enrich the lives of our clients through inspiring personal experiences. StudioHAU is committed to the making of architecture that eschews formal trends or fashionable design for architecture that possesses qualities present in all great buildings. The use of natural light to highlight space, connection to nature, connection to its context, and the making of space that is proportional and appropriate for its use and function is paramount in our design thinking. Our buildings reflect a timeless simplicity that achieves its unique statements through an intelligent use of material, proportion, and by creating meaningful spaces within. Through enduring architectural works, we help our clients realize their hopes to creating architectural solutions with capabilities and reach far beyond their functionality and local context.

For our clients, their project represents the culmination of dreams, goals, and tireless work and deserves the best possible result. We strive to work intelligently and efficiently towards buildings that could be completed on schedule and on budget. By using an economy of materials with close attention to detail, we are continually resourceful in our means to create responsible design solutions. We understand that an awareness of constructability and attention towards good project management are important factors in controlling project costs. In the same sense, our responsibility lies both to the client and the community, to create long-lasting buildings that function with low energy consumption. We believe very strongly in the necessity to be good stewards of the environment, both in the building’s construction and in its design to function with efficiency. This makes sense both fiscally for the owner and environmentally for the global community, and StudioHAU has shown leadership in the design of landmark green buildings. At the Grand Rapids Art Museum, the first LEED Gold certified art museum in the world, the Tyler Museum of Art, and the Studio Art Hall at Pomona College, we have designed buildings that are environmentally-friendly without compromising the overall budget. Combining the sensitive use of materials, intelligent use of natural light, conserving water, exploring innovative HVAC systems, and carefully managing natural forces, it is the goal of StudioHAU to design buildings that conserve our resources in an efficient manner without compromise to exceptional overall design.

StudioHAU takes pride in their work, not just for the finished products but also for the entire design and construction process. StudioHAU always engages with the owner to visualize the design, down to the details, utilizing 3-dimensional walk-through animations, renderings, as well as mock-ups and material sample presentation. All these tools allow the owner and the entire project team to understand the design. With hands on project management throughout the process, StudioHAU prioritizes the production of high quality construction documentation utilizing the latest technology of Building Information Modeling, which leads the way towards a successful construction process.