A4 Art Museum

Chengdu, China

The A4 Contemporary Art Center is a progressive art facility which exhibits work from a variety of contemporary artists across a variety of medium including performance art, sculpture, multi-media and paintings. Located in the newly constructed Expo Center at Luxe Lakes by the Wide Horizon Group, the gallery occupies what was originally planned as an underground parking garage. Intertwined between the existing concrete structure of the parking garage, the gallery consists of both traditional white box galleries and galleries more expressive of the contextual structure and materiality. The gallery is bisected by a 3 story public atrium with glass and steel bridges that connect the two sides. The A4 Contemporary Art Center also houses an educational wing located in the “tower” along with additional VIP galleries and a public cafe. A program of public lectures and discussions by artists, designers, and architects is planned for in the new lecture hall and library/bookstore.

Executed by Yo-ichiro Hakomori as Design Principal at DesignARC